Sunday, August 14, 2011

#30 create a blog

I'd like to think I'm pretty interesting. Hell...who am I kidding? I think I'm a hoot. So I'm startin' a blog. As grammatically incorrect as it may end up being (did I mention written English isn't my strong point?!) I'm doin' the damn thing. Why you ask? Well, here's the scoop. Months ago I decided to start a bucket list - a list of "101 things to make me a more interesting me" - basically a list of things that I want to do before I die, get married, or have children ( cus isn't that all the same!? Ha! I'm kidding!) and lucky #30 on that list is to create a blog. So I am! Exciting right? Thank you.

Number 30 is just the beginning. There are 100 other items that I've got my heart set on completing (in no particular order) and you'll come to find out that a lot of this list are things that most of you have done by age 6. Hey! What can I say?! I was sheltered! Blame it on the parents (who are hilarious by the way - you'll get tons of stories about them).

The plan is that you'll follow my journey as I successfully (and maybe sometimes not so successfully) attempt to check items off my list. I'll blog about it, post pictures, maybe sometimes even whine a bit...but it'll be fun. I promise! So stay tuned, wish me luck, tell your friends (hell...tell your friend's friends too if they're cool) and I promise you pages upon pages of pictures, goofy thoughts, and just my all about opinion(s) on life. Yay!

Stay tuned!!!

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