Saturday, September 17, 2011

#75 what kind of vegetable would a chicken sandwich be considered?

Day 15:

I accidentally ate a spicy chicken sandwich from Chick Fil-A. Yes. Accidentally. Somehow two wonderful buttery pieces of bread landed opposite a succulent chicken breast and landed into my mouth. I am ashamed. But night #15 consisted of veggie stir fry and tofu. Let the next 2 weeks begin.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

#75 french fries are vegetables too

Week One:

Day 1: I wake up and go grocery shopping. I'm determined to fill my cart with as many vegetables as I can stomach. I mean, isn't the point of going vegetarian to actually eat VEGETABLES? Today the rediscovery of veggie bacon makes this whole month worth it.

Day 2: Umami Burger's portobella mushroom cap substitution saves my life

Day 3: After one too many vodka redbulls I wake up and the room is spinning. I'm not the savviest in the hangover department - but thankfully my friends are. I remember hearing that greasy food will be the cure - so I make not one, but TWO trips to McDonald's for french fries. My friends warn that McDonald's deep fries their french fries in beef grease (or something delicious like that) so I figure I'll consider this a steak dinner and start dipping my fries in A1.

Day 4: Thank Bob I didn't decide to go vegan! Today cheese saved my life. Kelly texts me in the middle of the night and it's a picture of all of us at a Chick fil-A stop on our way to Vegas last year.

          Lori: "I really miss chicken"
          Kelly: "You really miss chicken?! I really miss our group of friends!"

I fall back asleep wondering if I should be concered that my first thought was to miss chicken sandwiches when my friends were missing me. I start to wonder if there's therapy for this.

Day 5: I start to think it's cool that I've become one of those people that ask servers at restaurants "Is there a vegetarian option for this?" I knew I'd make it in Hollywood one day.

Day 6: Huevos Rancheros breakfast at Chateau Marmont. Black beans, cheese, and avocado are my new best friends.

Day 7: I literally have a dream about eating chicken. I also discover that the new Chick fil-A opening in Hollywood is expected to open mid to late September. This makes me want to go there, order a large sweet tea, then throw it against the wall because I'm so angry that I can't eat a spicy chicken sandwich. I realize today that this is going to be a long month.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

#75 become a vegetarian for a month

I will start by being honest and saying that originally this was supposed to be for an entire year. Yeah. Who am I kidding? Didn't you know at one point I was the mayor of the Chicken Lady on Foursquare? Gosh I'm really going to miss chicken.

Day one starts today - which was kicked off with Morning Star 'bacon' (um..which crackled and popped like real bacon in the skillet!), eggs, and some other breakfasty items. Considering I don't usually eat was kinda delish.

I'm totally thinkin' I can do this. Who needs Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles at 11:30PM at night anyway? Who needs random trips to Morton's Steakhouse on their lunch break? Who needs to order their steak "medium well" then drench it in A1 steak sauce? Oh...that's right...I do.  Just don't be surprised when you see me pouring steak sauce on a beefsteak tomato.