the list (in no particular order)

  1.  Learn a second language
  2.  Visit the Philippines
  3.  Live in New York City for at least one year
  4.  Learn to play the guitar
  5.  Live in Northern California for at least one year
  6.  Complete (and perform) a stand-up comedy routine
  7.  Fall in love
  8.  Go camping
  9.  Make a snow angel (or snowman)
  10.  Set foot in ALL 50 states
  11.  Learn to do a handstand
  12.  Learn to surf
  13.  Take up photography
  14.  Pay off all my debt
  15.  Bungee jump
  16.  Go skinny dipping
  17.  Drive across the USA
  18.  Watch the sunrise over the Atlantic
  19.  Watch the sunset over the Pacific
  20.  Volunteer for a non profit organization
  21.  Make a large donation to a charity
  22.  Ride a train
  23.  Learn to (really) swim
  24.  Kiss in the rain
  25.  Run a 5K
  26.  Go snowboarding
  27.  Climb a tree
  28.  Skydive
  29.  Catch a fish
  30. Create a blog
  31.  Own a small business
  32.  Go whitewater rafting
  33.  Go horseback riding
  34.  After learning to play the guitar – write and perform a song
  35.  Learn to appreciate wine
  36.  Join a rowing club
  37.  Plant something and watch it grow
  38.  See the Grand Canyon
  39.  Take a gondola ride in Venice, Italy
  40.  Fly first class
  41.  Live in a beach house for a summer
  42.  Take up yoga
  43.  Help build a Habitat for Humanity home
  44.  Ride a jet ski (completed 9/8/13)
  45.  Learn a trick on my skateboard
  46.  Get married (married the most handsome man on 12/31/14)
  47.  Visit a shooting range (completed 9/13/14)
  48.  Go sailing
  49.  Take vocal lessons
  50.  Learn to salsa dance
  51.  Ride in a hot air balloon
  52.  Take a cruise (completed July 2014)
  53.  Ride in a helicopter
  54.  Learn to ride a motorcycle
  55.  Visit the Coliseum in Rome, Italy (completed September 2014)
  56.  Visit the pyramids in Egypt
  57.  Learn to play ‘craps’ in Vegas
  58.  Learn a Filipino recipe from Mom
  59.  Learn a recipe from scratch from Grandma
  60.  Learn to make a sewing pattern from Mom
  61.  Learn to say “no” without feeling guilty
  62.  Crash someone’s wedding
  63.  Go to the Opera
  64.  See a US President in person
  65.  Take a vacation ALONE
  66.  Go to the Kentucky Derby
  67.  Play an entire round of golf
  68.  Pay for a stranger’s groceries
  69.  Sit in the first 5 rows of a concert (of my favorite band or artist)
  70.  Choose a year, then put $3 a day away for the entire year
  71.  Take a bike tour through wine country
  72.  Go water skiing
  73.  Learn to play tennis
  74.  Have children (one of the best days of my life 5/13/15)
  75.  Become vegetarian for at least one month
  76.  Visit the ‘Four Corners’ (one step closer to knocking out #10!)
  77.  Own a home
  78.  Learn to drive a manual
  79.  Maintain a workout regime
  80.  Go zip lining
  81.  Go without a cell phone for (at least) a month
  82.  Experience Mardi Gras
  83.  Go to the ballet
  84.  Visit Disneyworld
  85.  Learn to play the ukulele
  86.  Keep a journal for at least one year