Saturday, August 11, 2012

#59 learn a recipe from scratch from grandma

lately i've been trying to cook at home more. i've realized it is true when people say you save money when you eat at home. who woulda thought!?!

thursday night's dinner all kind of started a couple of sundays ago when i scouted some sweet potatoes at the melrose place farmer's market - i picked up a couple, brought them home, then promptly forgot all about them. finally i decided that i should do something with them (other than bake them) and make candied yams. every thanksgiving and christmas dinner i beg my grandma to make them for me - so i figured...why wait till the holidays - let's cook these suckas up!

after a few phone calls to my darling grandmother (who so patiently sat on the other end of the phone while i had a few tantrums) she talked me through not only the recipe for candied yams, but for collard greens too.

i think it was a successful dinner for one and i knocked #59 off the list without even trying!

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