Wednesday, September 7, 2011

#75 french fries are vegetables too

Week One:

Day 1: I wake up and go grocery shopping. I'm determined to fill my cart with as many vegetables as I can stomach. I mean, isn't the point of going vegetarian to actually eat VEGETABLES? Today the rediscovery of veggie bacon makes this whole month worth it.

Day 2: Umami Burger's portobella mushroom cap substitution saves my life

Day 3: After one too many vodka redbulls I wake up and the room is spinning. I'm not the savviest in the hangover department - but thankfully my friends are. I remember hearing that greasy food will be the cure - so I make not one, but TWO trips to McDonald's for french fries. My friends warn that McDonald's deep fries their french fries in beef grease (or something delicious like that) so I figure I'll consider this a steak dinner and start dipping my fries in A1.

Day 4: Thank Bob I didn't decide to go vegan! Today cheese saved my life. Kelly texts me in the middle of the night and it's a picture of all of us at a Chick fil-A stop on our way to Vegas last year.

          Lori: "I really miss chicken"
          Kelly: "You really miss chicken?! I really miss our group of friends!"

I fall back asleep wondering if I should be concered that my first thought was to miss chicken sandwiches when my friends were missing me. I start to wonder if there's therapy for this.

Day 5: I start to think it's cool that I've become one of those people that ask servers at restaurants "Is there a vegetarian option for this?" I knew I'd make it in Hollywood one day.

Day 6: Huevos Rancheros breakfast at Chateau Marmont. Black beans, cheese, and avocado are my new best friends.

Day 7: I literally have a dream about eating chicken. I also discover that the new Chick fil-A opening in Hollywood is expected to open mid to late September. This makes me want to go there, order a large sweet tea, then throw it against the wall because I'm so angry that I can't eat a spicy chicken sandwich. I realize today that this is going to be a long month.

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