Thursday, February 23, 2012

#82 experience mardi gras

tuesday, roomie and i found ourselves mardi gras-ing in san diego.

well...that wasn't exactly the intention of the trip. the intention was to get away from LA for the day and spend time soaking up some sun, having lunch, riding skateboards, and being lazy somewhere down in the OC.
one double shot espresso, bag of cheetos puffs, and two hours later we found ourselves closer to the border than we were to home.

sans a change of clothes, a toothbrush, and pretty much all the necessities a girl needs for a night on the town - we checked ourselves into the westin gaslamp and did what all girls do when they're on vacation...

we were surprised to find that san diego was having a huge fat tuesday celebration where they closed off 16 blocks in the gaslamp quater.

drinking in the street? check.
mardi gras beads? check.
mindless midweek debauchery? oh, you bet. technically this wasn't really mardi gras - so i'll be keeping #82 on the list until i find myself back on bourbon street with hambone and the gang.

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