Tuesday, February 7, 2012

i want to be...

...someone that orders the salad instead of french fries with my entree

...one of those girls that can throw her hair in a messy bun and not wear a lick of makeup

...someone that has a chalkboard wall in her kitchen (and won't go crazy when it's not written on perfectly)

...a girlie girl that has a closet full of skirts, colorful tights, and floral print dresses

...someone that has an impeccably clean house with fresh flowers on the dinner table every week

...that girl with perfect bangs that hit just. below. the eyebrows

...a driver in los angeles that never gets a single parking ticket

...a woman that always has perfectly manicured hands

...someone that always tells the truth. even when it hurts

...a real blogger that keeps up with posts on my blog and has tons of followers

...more spontaneous

...someone that doesn't care about what people think about me (as long as i know i'm striving to be the best i can be)

...one of those people that love going to the gym

...a wiser, stronger, more loving ME

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