Sunday, April 1, 2012

on my mind

i'm finding it so difficult to find something interesting to blog about as of late.

after scrolling through endless unfinished posts - i decided i should put fingers to clicking keys and come up with something new. something fresh. something witty.

because i should always be witty. right?

but sometimes i don't want the pressure of always needing to be funny. of always having a punch-line. sometimes i just want to talk about what's on my mind. i read somewhere the other day that the trick to becoming a good blogger is to do just that. blog.

and so i figure why don't i write about...

my darling friend heather arrives from nyc tomorrow morning. after three years of; gmail chats, facebook updates, virgin america flights and endless expressions of missing one another - she is moving with her wonderful husband back to los angeles. it's beyond exciting that in just less than 24 hours i can call her at any time and just simply ask: "do you want to meet me for dinner?"

how i'm yearning to leave town. even if just for a day. or two. or even for the 94 (work week) hours that i've accumulated on my paycheck.

or how i'm excited to explore a new workout regime (which would knock #79 off my list). where i'm hoping for the chance to not only bond with heather and roomie but to challenge myself and hold myself accountable.

or how i've been thinking so much about love lately. or like for that matter. or even how it would be nice to just have a crush. or how i wish that i had someone to to just hold hands with. someone who's hand i actually want to hold. someone to be my teammate.

although, until then i'm perfectly content with sharing my life with my wonderful friends. sharing meals and laughs and endless conversations. and above all else - lots and lots and lots of love

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