Tuesday, May 8, 2012

oh, sacra-mendi. how i've missed you so

state capital building

this weekend, heather (sans her mister) and i hit the old i-5 to pay visit to our dear friend sacramento.

we were welcomed by friends, warm weather, cinco-de-mayo festivities and a kick ass black keys concert. oh! not to mention we ate and drank (orange creamsicle cocktails anyone?) to our little heart's content. 

sunday we spent the afternoon in the park where we day drank, chatted for hours and finally harmonized our favorite song - which we promptly video taped (well...minus the whole ukulele part).

 probably one of my most favorite weekends in a really long time - although, i've had a lot of those this year and i couldn't be happier.

i think it was during a walk downtown that heather and i came up with the conclusion that anyone that doesn't love sacramento, simply hates life, happiness and everything that's magic!

we'll be seeing you again, old friend.


this is the face of two happy ladies about to chow down on sandra dee's bbq

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