Wednesday, May 23, 2012

palm springs and happy birthday hambone

this weekend (well...monday's are weekends for us) hambone, adam, p and i all took off to palm springs in celebration of ham's birth.

we checked into the ace hotel monday afternoon and spent the day dancing in our room, drinking by the pool, and taking an obscene amount of pictures. i'm not sure how one would survive in 106 degree heat for more than an hour at a time - but tequila infused drinks and a body of water (does a pool count as a body of water?) kind of makes it bearable.

i can't tell you how exciting it is that heather is back in la, and after three years i was able to party with her on her birthday! having our little "crew" back together sure does make me one happy little baby.

looking forward to more maymagic, jazzyjune and julyjubilee!

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