Friday, June 8, 2012

because the work week is my weekend

i made an appointment at the dmv for wednesday at noon, then promptly left the house just shortly after 12:15PM. i never said i was on time to anything but social events. 
the line at the dmv was so outrageous that it left me running to mommy
(literally. but just to say hello). the new driver's license will just have to wait until next week.

spent the rest of wednesday afternoon lounging at the beach in santa monica (finally! summer is in la) followed by burgers at umami, then speeding back to west hollywood for dinner at the thompson.
dinner before dinner? yes please.

lastly, fredo and i caught adam's show at the good hurt back on the westside - which in itself was entertaining, but even more so when fredo fell off my skateboard flat onto his ass.
(sorry fredo, is it too soon to laugh?)

thursday was spent poolside with gina - where i (re)learned that i do in fact sunburn, then happy hour and laughing so hard that i couldn't breathe.

spending so much time with my favorite people has this girl feeling like her heart just might explode from happiness.
 and ya know something?
 i wouldn't change that for the world.

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  1. Love this so much. Your outfit is lovely, and I love the story of your happy week.
    Delighted you left the link to your blog-- I love it so far :)