Friday, July 6, 2012

life lately

goodness! you would think that by taking a 12 day stay-cation i would have had ample time to keep up the blog. instead, i've found myself celebrating my birthday for a week straight and spending hours upon hours with friends.

(i even neglected my 'thank you thursday' post this week! yipes!)

i couldn't have asked for a better birthday celebration. i found myself surrounded by an entire room (or courtyard) full of my favorite people. i just couldn't stop smiling, hugging, and telling people how much i love them.

i can't thank all of you enough for making my 29th birthday so special! i can't even imagine what 30 is going to be like!

i've got 3 more days left in my vacation and i can't wait to see what else this weekend has in store.

till next time,



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