Monday, August 27, 2012

juice and fun things like it

i had quite the interesting weekend.

friday morning i woke up to an awful toothache - that limited not only my ability to eat solid food - but left me feeling a lot less like my normal "lori" self. i did score a few sympathy phone calls, and a lot of
"you poor baby" looks from friends and co-workers so that's always fun.

i'll spare you all the details on my poor little tooth, but i will say that saturday night i was in bed by 8pm - asleep by 9:30 - and didn't wake up the next morning until well after 10am.

on the bright side though, i figured it would be a good opportunity to give my new juicer a spin. i mean...if i can't chow down on steak and potatoes then drinking a cocktail of kale, apple and tomatoes would be just as fulfilling right?

well. not exactly.

i did manage to find a few recipes that i really liked and surprisingly they kept me pretty full throughout the morning - until about noon when was quietly crying to myself about wanting a chicken sandwich or a burger. instead, i stopped by my favorite juice spot and got a apple/strawberry/coconut banana-nana shake
(yeah. say that 5 times fast).

at any rate, i'm feeling a lot better today ( cheek is still a little swollen) and i'm  back to my normal wise-cracking-lori self.


  1. Awww, I hope you're feeling better!

    How are you liking your juicer?

    1. i love it! it's a breville - i'm so not a veggie/fruit eater (unless it's in a salad) and so far i've been gulping down everything that's passed through it!

  2. I love smoothies! I make a pretty mean strawberry smoothie. Totally feel you on the toothache! Feel better!