Friday, September 14, 2012

happy friday y'all!'s my monday so be sure to have enough fun this weekend for me!
then be sure and tell me all about it!

in the meantime, here are a few things that have been occupying my time from around the web

i've decided that my music needs to start coming from vinyls. someone please...get me this!

everything from jcrew's fall collection

i need one of these

and a million other things i can't find the link to at the moment.
not to mention i'm in desperate need of a car wash and a manicure.

enjoy your weekend!



  1. ah, i've had my eye on that record player! my (20 year old) sister collects old records and record players..i've recently been getting into vinyl but i have nothing to play it on. nothing like the old school! and it's awesome to meet other black girls into these sorts of things! :)


  2. hehe love that quote! great blog, follow each other?! <3

  3. Two things I'm also in desperate need of: A car wash and a pedicure!

    Enjoy your "work week"!