Monday, October 8, 2012

candlelit dinners and live music - that's what girl's night is made of

last night, ashley and i had a long overdue dinner date in santa monica.
dinner with the two of us usually involves overly analytical conversations about men,
the latest happenings at work and life, then more gossiping about men.
(no one ever said 'ladies night' was supposed to be intellectual!)

we ate at via veneto on main street (i've gotta remember to start taking pictures of my food!)
which was pretty romantic. what can i say...i treat my lady friends right! haha.
the food was great  - but what was even better was our server's super
thick italian accent. i think he said one of the first things he learned to say in english were:

"how old are you?"
"i'm not gay."

i told him in my opinon, that was a good choice for english first words.
after dinner ash and i headed to zanzibar to see adam's show.
we were a little late, so when we arrived he was already a few minutes into his set.
i'm not sure if i missed any of his new songs,
but he did cover some awesome funky-soulful tunes that i happily sang along to.

sunday-funday indeed.

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