Wednesday, November 7, 2012

#73 learn to play tennis

let me preface this post by saying that i'm extremely competitive.
which would be fine - except the person i'm most competitive with is me. well, that and boys.
i'm super competitive with boys.
then there's the part of me that simply doesn't want to try something new if i'm not good at it.
and...let me tell you, there's many a thing i'm not so good at. mostly anything involving coordination. it doesn't always work in my favor that i'm almost five foot ten and never played organized sports in school.

last thursday i attempted to play tennis. well, i attempted to learn how to play tennis. in my head i thought it would all go down quite simply - i mean, how difficult can it be to hit a ball back and forth? in reality it wasn't as easy. apparently there's some specific way i'm supposed to hold my wrist to make sure the ball makes it over the net?! i  have no idea. but i spent the majority of my time getting mad at myself for not keeping my wrist straight.
the good news is - by the end of it i showed some improvement - and the fact that my instructor is super cute helped matters just a bit.

bring on the next lesson! i'm ready.

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