Friday, February 1, 2013

lunch dates that linger

i feel like it's been such a long time since i've been able to sit down and actually enjoy a meal. it just seems like i'm either scarfing food down during a thirty minute dinner break, or speed eating a chicken sandwich while maneuvering through traffic on sunset boulevard. sometimes i feel like i barely have time to chew!

sometimes i have to remind myself that one of my favorite things to do is sit and share a meal with my friends. there's nothing i would rather do in the world (well...i do really enjoy big meals with my family). there's something about lingering at the table, sipping an adult beverage, and sharing a laugh that makes my heart just sing.

yesterday i had lunch at spago with my dear friend fredo. it was our "special date" that we'd been planning all week. even though i had to be at work immediately following our meal - it was lovely to sit in a courtyard in the middle of winter (did i mention it was 70 degree weather?!) at one of my favorite restaurants with one of my favorite people.

salmon pizza. wolfgang're a genius


  1. Sounds lovely! I get bummed out too when I feel like I'm just eating to survive, not to enjoy the food and company.

  2. Oh, I too love when I get to sit down and enjoy a meal with good company!!

    And that salmon pizza looks very interesting!