Monday, April 29, 2013

life lately

it's been super hectic the last few weeks.
between packing, and moving, and meeting planning, and farewell partying, and after-work-cocktailing,
i haven't found much time to blog.
 that, and i'm just now starting to feel settled and on track to getting back to my old lori self.

there's been no shortage of tears and tiny breakdowns but i'm learning that i can't always been in control
of everything. that's something that isn't quite a new concept to me, but definitely something that i'm starting to embrace. so, apologies for the blog hiatus, but i've been busy mending this little heart of mine with a little bit of soul searching, spending time with friends, and lots and lots of love.

friends that are co-workers makes work feel like hanging out for eight hours

farewell drinks at duplex

bubbles for a perfect last evening spent at the sweetz spot (aka my very first apartment)

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