Sunday, February 19, 2012

#7 fall in love

remember how i don't take myself too seriously? well. i don't.

however, i think love is pretty damn serious. so i'm gonna take a shot at it

some people think it's weird that i'm single.
actually, let me rephrase that.
there are people that think it's weird that i choose to be single.
because i'm a girl
pushing 30
and girls pushing 30 are supposed to want to be in a relationship.
one that leads to marriage. and children. and a house with a picket fence. and a labrador retriever.
i want all of that.
but i'm in no hurry

i'm sure i could be married by now.
probably a few times over.
i could be married to some amazing, generous, loyal, loving man
but the men i dated weren't for me
and i'm okay with that.
they're happy
(probably a little too happy)
and i'm the happiest i've ever been.

so it's all okay
because relationships are just a learning experience
a life experience.
and i have a very strong belief that each individual is meant to end up with one particular person
so i don't ever feel like i'm wasting my time with someone who isn't right or missing out on the person i'm supposed to be with
because he's out there

maybe i know him already.
or maybe i haven't met him yet.

regardless, just knowing he's out there waiting for me too, is pretty damn exciting

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