Tuesday, September 18, 2012

a birthday

today is my older sister lullette's birthday!

i'm so lucky to have two incredibly loving, caring, hilarious older sisters
and today, we'll celebrate one of them.

 thank you for all the bedtime stories,
the right-handed penmanship on late homework assignments,
the countless baths after play time,
the swimming lessons (which uh...we might need to discuss),
and for tucking me in (and petting me) to sleep every night when i was little.
the best part is, i get to watch you do the exact same things with your two beautiful daughters.
you are an incredible mother and an equally wonderful sister.

i love you more than you can ever imagine and i'm so lucky to be your little sister.
happy birthday!

*ate translates to "big sister" in tagalog :)


  1. happy birthday to your sister!


  2. "lullette" ..that is such a pretty name!
    happy birthday to your ate!

    you grew up in a family of 3 girls too? :)

    1. yup! just us three girls! and it gets more and more fun the older we get! wouldn't u agree?! :)

  3. this is a sweet post to your sister. I am SO EXCITED that I get to see my twin NEXT WENS!!! It's so hard to be away from her but especially now that I have a little baby.

    ps. I see that you're half filipino! ME TOO!!! though I wish I could speak tagalog.

    1. haha! i can't speak a lick of it either. i can just understand a few words here and there. :)