Friday, September 21, 2012

don't drink and gchat. ever.

me: p0at puttingme to bed
hje thinks i]m drun

Heather: I think he might be right
ok lovely well have a good night!

me: i yink i'm ok

Heather: i think your typing suggests otherwise!

me: ahhahahahaahi just tdid nt tak type in high schoo
yes i did
i'mjj lyring
me: pats the one that' sdrunk
i'm sosleep

Heather: hahahaha whattttt?

me: i'm sleepy
jot drun
i'm jus being funy
instead i get put to bed
because od mindri
this is waht maondi does to people
makes them think they
are durnk
and i gotta be in vebga tomorrow

Heather: maondi?

me: hhahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Heather: hahahah when are you going to vegas?

me: tomorrow
after eye robow
eyerowns' wax
you lnow waht i mean
eyebrow wax
cus you gotta be brwos in vegas

Heather: true that

me: hahahaha
i'm so happy we agere