Wednesday, December 12, 2012

#42 take up yoga

i'm not sure exactly what i meant when i decided that i wanted to take up yoga. i'm going to assume i meant that one day i hope to stick with it for longer than just a day or two. so this time around i've made a pact with myself that i'm going to stick to this whole yoga thing for at least a month.

a new hot yoga studio opened not far from home (and from work!) so i signed up for their month of unlimited yoga. i have to keep reminding myself that this isn't supposed to be easy - that was the whole reason behind creating a bucket list - i want to challenge myself. so challenge myself i will.

today was day three in a row of yoga in a heated room. let me tell sweat buckets and sometimes you even forget to breathe (which yes. i'm learning that concentrating on your breathing is the essential key to yoga...but gosh darn is it hard for me to remember). initially i told myself that i was going to go every day for one month straight - but i think i might take a break for a day or two. there are muscles in my body that hurt that i didn't even remember i have!

who knows...if i stick with it by january #42 will be the first thing to cross off my list in 2013!

wish me luck!


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