Sunday, December 16, 2012

#79 maintain a workout regimen

i've never really been one to maintain a workout regimen.
i've held a gym membership for the last eight years - but always found myself in the gym walking around trying to figure out what to do.
well...either that or i'd throw on my gym clothes, realize that spandex has an amazing slimming effect, look in the mirror and think, "oh. well. i don't need to go to the gym now" - then spend the rest of the day running errands in my lululemons.
i had a personal trainer once that kicked my butt. i loved it. and for the first time in years i saw results - but more importantly i felt strong and i was so proud of myself.
but soon after my personal training sessions ran out - so did my drive to get myself in the gym.

i've decided to give this whole working out things another run (ha! get it? run) - you know...with the big 3-0 just hangin' out on my doorstep.
so this week i pushed myself. i woke up when all i wanted to do was snooze my alarm for just. ten. more. minutes (any hour in single digits is much too early for me). i went to four consecutive days of hot yoga even when muscles in my body ached like i had used them for the very first time.
then yesterday, heather and i decided to exercise our crunch memberships and took one of their group classes. let me tell you - pound was no joke.
i can barely walk or sit down today and every muscle in my back is so sore that i can barely bend over.

but you know something? i feel awesome. and to think...i'm just getting started.


  1. I'm planning to give hot yoga a try this week; reading this makes me more excited about it!

    1. yay! good luck girlie! i LOVE it!! :)